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Phil Matsumoto

—Founder, author and webmaster, OriginOfCancer.com

Phil is a Bachelor of Science graduate of Cornell University in Ithaca, New York.  His research into cancer began many years ago when his father was diagnosed with cancer.  After a decade of research, Phil experienced a eureka moment, which caused him to begin investigating the origin of life, and, more importantly, the origin of bacteria and viruses, which he suspected might also explain how cancer originated because cancer cells resemble bacteria in many ways.

When he is not working, Phil enjoys fly-fishing and playing basketball.

Besides his interest in cancer and wellness, Phil worked for many years in the IT (Information Technology) field as a consultant and instructor.

Phil & Noah

Phil with his nephew Noah at Yellowstone Lake

(Photo courtesy of Ron Kagan)

Invasive Trout in Yellowstone Lake     [2]   New

Yellowstone Webcams      [2]     [3]   

Buffalo Bill Museum, Cody, Wyoming   


Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks.

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Yellowstone Bibliography


Chuinard, Eldon G.  (1979).  ONLY ONE MAN DIED: THE MEDICAL ASPECTS OF THE LEWIS AND CLARK EXPEDITION   [1804-1806].  A.H. Clark.     [2]       

Hendrix, Marc S.  (2011).  GEOLOGY UNDERFOOT IN YELLOWSTONE COUNTRY.  Mountain Press Publishing Company.   

Yellowstone Forever. (2013). LIVING COLORS: MICROBES OF YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK. Montana State University.   [2]       [Archaebacteria Video#]


Articles on the Origin of Life


The Mighty Microbes of Yellowstone     [PCR]     [PCR Video]  


The Secret of How Life on Earth Began    [Origin of Life Video#]   


Grand Prismatic Spring

Photo by PM (Phil Matsumoto)

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Grand Teton Video

Click on the picture below for the .mp4 version (60 MB/00:30 Sec.).


Grand Tetons

Photo by PM


       [2]       [Photosynthesis Video]     


.MOV File - Grand Teton Video  (57 MB/ 00:30 Seconds)

Favorite Fishing Spots

Yellowstone National Park - October 2016 & September 2017

Click on the pictures below for the .mp4 or .m4v videos.


Firehole   (50.9 MB/ 00:26 Seconds)   Madison   (27.9 MB/ 00:25 Seconds)


Photos by PM


or click on any of the links below:


 Subject & Date  .MOV File
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File Size/Runtime in Seconds
 Firehole River, October 2016  .MOV File  48.5 MB/ 00:26 Seconds  .M4V File  50.9 MB/00:26 Seconds
 Madison River, October 2016  .MOV File  46.4 MB/ 00:25 Seconds  .M4V File  27.9 MB/00:25 Seconds
 Bird on the Madison, October 2016  .MOV File  79.4 MB/ 00:44 Seconds  .MP4 File  84 MB/00:44 Seconds
 Madison River, September 2017  .MOV File  47.4 MB/00:25 Seconds  .MP4 File  5.22 MB/00:25 Seconds

iPhone Videos by PM


Firehole River =       44 35.068' N 110 49.783' W
Madison River =      44 38.227' N 110 53.424' W


 A Two Hour Dose of Nature Each Week Could Make You Happier & Healthier    


Articles on Telemedicine and Software


Telemedicine: Past, present, and future-Cleveland Clinic


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Google Earth*          Google Mars

Google Earth Pro Download Site


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Tour of the Moon in 4K (NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio)

Earth & Moon from Mars      

The Earth and Moon from Mars (False-color image)

NASA/JPL - Caltech/Univ. of Arizona






The thermophilic cyanobacteria Phormidium are being studied as a source of toxins that may be of use in shrinking or destroying tumors (page 31).
What the Earth may have looked like hundreds of millions of years ago when there was more methane and less oxygen in the atmosphere.
The Tetons - a result of plate tectonics
Jackson Hole Webcam

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Sedge Bay Picnic Area on the East Entrance Road (1998)