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Mycoplasma and Cancer

In 1958, a microbiologist, Franz Gerlach, found that mycoplasma seemed to be present in all animal and human tumors (or was it just the vestigial components of the mycoplasma, which may have been the endosymbiotic host bacterium, that he detected? [See "Endosymbiosis" on the home page]).

From page 244, The Cancer Survivors and How They Did It by Judith Glassman (1983) The Dial Press/Doubleday & Company, Inc:

"In 1958 microbiologist Franz Gerlach, an eminent researcher into immunological agents, became director of microbiological research at the Ringberg. Gerlach, who had been a professor at the University of Vienna, the Austrian government’s delegate to the League of Nations Committee on Infectious Diseases, and a fellow of the Academy of Medicine in Paris, is one of the researchers who found a virus-like particle in all animal and human tumors. He called this microorganism mycoplasma...”